Friday, November 11, 2011

When It's All Worth It!

Whoever said three is harder than two had it right. James is either making me crazy or making my heart melt. Here was one of the better moments...

Eric and Anna were at swimming lessons. James and I stayed home to play until it was time for his. We had a good time and were leaving the house to go. As we walked down the steps he reached out for my hand and said, "Mommy. It's nice to be with you."

Can you beat that!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Fall Fun

James has enjoyed playing in the fallen leaves this autumn. Fortunately, we live in a neighborhood with no shortage of this fact, if we hadn't raked the yard 59 times already, we'd be digging tunnels to get out the door (which James would probably enjoy). We had fun playing in a pile in the backyard last week-end!

James and I have also enjoyed a good deal of hockey lately. It's the sport I grew up with -- both playing and listening to the Buffalo Sabres. James has watched a few games with me on TV (of course getting treated to a later bed time if the game ran late) and we went to an ISU game a few weeks back. It was a happy moment to sit on the cold bleachers, sipping hot chocolate, smelling the ice (or whatever that ice rink smell is), and enjoying the game with my son. When we got there, the first thing he asked was, "Where are the Sabres?" The video is him playing goalie with Becky -- notice that he says that he's the "Buffaloes" (=Buffalo Sabres) and Becky is "the bad guys" (which is how I describe whoever Buffalo happens to be playing).

11.11.07 -- James Plays in Leaves