Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Many New Adventures!

James & I just arrived last night from a lovely trip to Buffalo, NY to visit his Nana & Papa, along with Great-Grandma Nina, Great Aunty Suzy, Cousins Matt & Jonny, and lots of other friends! We went swimming, watched trains, visited the Czar of the Woods Farm, and had a great time playing with all the toys that Nana has collected for Jamie. See some photos here:

10.06.21 -- Buffalo

Last week Thursday, James and I joined his friend Benton and Benton's daddy at the park...the boys have so much fun together! See some photos here:

10.06.17 -- James & Benton at Park

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Sweetest Boy

The other day James and, probably more truthfully, I, were looking for some new activity to do besides playing with trains or crawling through the tunnel. We came upon his basket of stuffed animals. In there we found baby Elmo dressed only in his diaper. James pointed to Elmo and said, “Elmo diaper.” Next, we got out a teddy bear, this one sans diaper. James pointed at the bear and asked, “Diaper?” After a brief exchange we decided to put a diaper on his teddy bear. I went and got a diaper and came back. James looked at me questioningly, pointed at the bear's butt, and said, “Poo-poo. Wipes?” So off I went again to get the wipes. James then gently held up the leg of his teddy, used the wipe to clean the bear and then, with my assistance, diaper him. As I watched I was overwhelmed by how cute and sweet he was – as well as my own wish that he would be as cooperative as the teddy bear when I changed his diaper.

On another day we visited the Cherry Creek Mall and the fake food play area. Revealing himself to truly be my child, he gravitated toward the bacon. Shortly thereafter several other boys came up with toy trucks and cars and raced them down the bacon ramp. James stared longingly at the cars and trucks and you could just about feel his fingers itching to get a hold of those trucks and race them himself. Suddenly, a truck jumped off the ramp and landed at his feet. He immediately picked it up and I watched to see what he would do. He looked down at the truck, up at the boy, and handed it back to the boy. This happened probably 2-3 more times and each time he kindly handed the toy back. It made me so sad, I just wanted those boys to share their toys with him and wished desperately I had a truck for him to play with, and so proud of how kind and sweet he already is.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Boy's Laughter

Today James laughed like I have never heard before. For some reason, he thought it was hilarious to use his toy excavator to dig inside my mouth. I would hold the toy in my mouth by the arm and repeat James' favorite exclamation: "Scoop! Dump!" Of course, this would come out somewhat muddled (ever try talking with an excavator in your mouth?), which made it even more funny. After a round of this, he would lean his head back and I would nuzzle/tickle him in that sweet spot where the jaw meets the neck, which sent him into convulsions. It was a combination of belly laugh and exploding giggle, as if his little body just couldn't hold back the joy. Then, we would do it again: excavator, scoop-dump, head back, tickle. And he would laugh hardily again, this time perhaps even more than the last. Best of all, after he caught his breath, he would let out a long sigh as he looked at me, a sort of, "Ahhhh..." that said both "I need a break" and "do it again."