Monday, July 26, 2010


This past week-end, we went on a family camping trip (well, cabin-camping, if you count that as camping) to State Forest State Park in the lovely Rocky Mountains. We went with our good friends Jon and Amy and their beautiful 3-month old baby girl, Genevieve. James had a blast playing with marshmallow skewers, looking for "real moose," playing a game of bodyslam with "Marbach" (as he calls Jon), and of course being very gentle with baby Evie. James fell in love with everyone, often saying "Marbach back" or "More...more Amy" when one of them would walk away. He was amazing with the baby: being gentle, sharing toys, and giving gentle hugs when she was upset. We took a couple nice hikes, played in the creek, and even saw a family of otters and a real moose! Given the success of this adventure, soon enough we'll try some tent camping!

See some photos here:
Camping in State Forest State Park

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Morning

James woke up crying around 4:00 last night. I tried to wait him out but he wasn't stopping and since Eric was out camping I decided to bring him into bed with me. He has gotten much less wiggly so all in all this was fine. Around 5:45 I heard James talking and rustling around. As best I could tell he was was talking in his sleep and saying, "Calling Super Truck!" and "Help Me, Super Truck!" - a clear sign we have been reading the book Super Truck too much lately. Next I felt him gently pat my arm and say very quietly, as if not to wake me, "Morning Mommy. Sweet Dreams." I tried my hardest not to laugh or smile too broadly hoping he might fall back to sleep. He didn't but lucky for him his wake up was sweet enough for me to put up with the pre-6:00am wake up.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

One Hip Boy

Not only is James a looker, but he is quite the talented musician as well:
James Plays Keyboard And Sings