Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Steamboat Springs!

Last week-end, we took a family adventure to Steamboat Springs for our friend Rachael's wedding (one of Becky's college friends). We had a great time up in the mountains and had many adventures -- ride the super-fancy ski lift to the top of the mountain for the reception, going to James' first rodeo, eating lots of ice cream, and having fun everywhere we went. James was his cheerful, funny self -- he's recently discovered how to be funny and obviously enjoys getting everyone to laugh. Here are a couple examples.

Before the wedding reception, all of the wedding guests went outside the restaurant for a giant group picture with the bride and groom. After the photograph had arranged everyone and we were waiting for the cue to smile, James yelled, "CHEEEEEESE!!!" Of course, this made everyone laugh, which made James do it several more times. I bet those pictures turned out great with all the genuine laughter.

Our drive home took nearly 7 hours -- about twice as long as it should have -- because of traffic heading back to Denver. For most of this drive, it was just James & I in the car together. At one point he was clearly getting bored (as was I), so he started to drink is bottle up-side down, putting the back end of the bottle in his mouth and pretending to drink. He knew it was funny and got us both laughing.

Our funny boy did have his two-year check-up today and we're very happy to say that he's in tip-top shape. He's 35 inches tall now and nearly 29lbs. Hard to believe that two years ago he was just barely opening his eyes...

Here are some photos of our fun adventures last week-end:
10.08.22 -- Steamboat Springs

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jamie's Second Birthday Bash!

It’s back-to-school time for the whole family, so we’ve been busy busy busy! Jame is doing a great job transitioning into full-time daycare. It seems like a great place and by this week, just his second week, he was totally fine when I’d drop him off in the morning. His teachers have many positive comments about our boy – he loves being outside, he’s great with the little babies, and he doesn’t even use his pacifier or take a bottle!
Earlier this afternoon, James celebrated his second birthday with a Thomas the Tank Engine-themed party, which shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. He rode his new slide and had lots of fun with his friends Benton, Addie, Iris, Jude, and Logan! We posted a few photos here – as you can see, James and Benton are pretty much best buddies:
10.08.15-- Jamie's Birthday Party